Thursday, January 25, 2007

ThinkPartnership and Securities Fraud

About reporting securities fraud to the SEC…

MSI ( Market Smart Interactive now Market Smart Advertising ) closed because ThinkPartnership is faltering and could not make payroll. ALL of Thinkpartnerships corporate employees, board members and divisions where paid out of MSI’s payroll which is what killed MSI. One division supporting the exorbitant salaries of an entire company. This was done on purpose with creative book keeping. The point is to bankrupt the company and then board members take all and investors – 0. When the heavy overhead of EVERYONES payroll is removed MSI Market Smart Interactive now Market Smart Advertising was the most profitable division. Now it is just a matter of convincing you the investor none of this is true. With crap like this

So how do you and I, he investors go forward letting the SEC know about the problem. Well first step first –file a complaint against Thinkpartnership.

Now each complaint is investigated but when multiple complaints are lodged against the same company ( ThinkPartnership ) a much swifter and proactive approach is taken. It is s important we all participate in correcting this wrong against the investors with Think Partnership.

These are some of the online complaint forms that I think fit best:

Manipulation of security price or volume

Failure to file required reports with the SEC

False or misleading statements about a company (including false or misleading SEC reports or financial statements)

But if you’re serious about correcting ThinkPartnerships fraud then this is where you should start!

Monday, January 22, 2007

MSI Class Action Lawsuit, Thinkpartnership Class Action Lawsuit

Class Action One
At this point is has occurred to all of us that THK "fiddled" with their SEC filings. Certainly ThinkPartnership has a class action lawsuit waiting for them or penalties from the SEC.

Class Action Two
MSI Employees involved in that last round of lawsuits have a small class action lawsuit against MSI MSA Thinkpartnership. Some former employees have indicated it was a WARN Act violation. But it isn't because there where not more than 50 employees laid off at one shot. But it turns out NC takes a very dim view of unprepared mass layoffs regardless of the number involved. Usually charging MSI MSA Thinkpartnership with a penalty rewarding each laid off employee with 60 days pay.

Class Action Three
Turns out most MSI employee have non-compete agreement that equals coerced employment sort of like a type of slavery because they waited until employees where already working before insisting they sign a non-compete or loose their job on the spot. NC courts really hate coerced employment - see it is an "at-will-work state" and this interferes with the "will" part. Yet another class action for Thinkpartnership

Class Action Four
Former MSI clients. WOW. So you signed a 50K contract they spent 25 K before firing you as a client and never showed you any results. Now they are going to do you a big favor and rip up your contract. It is time to sue. MSI used to be Websourced and Keywordranking who both had class actions against them. Thinkpartnership chose to settle.